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Opening hours

Open time:Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 - 17:15

Closing time:Monday (except national holidays), new year's Eve, the first, the second

Booking time:8:45 - 16:30 (national statutory holidays 16:30 - 9:00)
Such as adjustments or other arrangements, notice.



Bus route:

Metro Line 2 (Nanjing West Road station), Metro Line 1 (New Gate Road Station);

Bus 109 Road, 301 Road, 324 Road, 41 Road, 927 Road, 955 road to Shimen Road, Shanhaiguan two road station;

Bus 104 Road, 136 Road, 19 Road, 36 Road, 64 road to the new road, Shimen two road station;Bus 15, 21, 301, 315 to Beijing Road, Taixing Road station.

Rules for visitors

1、Visitors must show a ticket or pass on entry, and are asked to co-operate with security checks and ticket inspections.

2、Visitors may not take into the Museum flammable, explosive, poisonous or harmful substances, restricted knives, or pets.

3、When taking photos visitors should show care for the safety of themselves, other visitors, exhibits and specimens, and selfie sticks and tripods should not be used.

4、Children under 1.3 meters, the elderly and those with mobility problems should be accompanied by a relative or friend.

5、Visitors who wish to go to the Theater of the Big Bang or the Theater of the Cretaceous Escape or to take part in Exploration Lab activities need to make an advance booking through our official web site or at the Museum.

6、The Museum is a non-smoking area. Please respect your own health and the health of other visitors.

7、Show consideration with regard to the cleanliness and hygiene of the Museum, and do not take open drinks and food into the display areas or theaters.

8、Preserve the tranquillity of the Museum. Do not run, romp or shout.

9、Treat public facilities with care, avoid contact with specimens or models, and when operating interactive installations follow the instructions or ask a member of staff for guidance.

10、If there should be an emergency follow the guidance of Museum staff at the scene, and leave by a designated route. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Visitor Service Center

There is a Visitor Service Center in the main lobby on the ground floor. The Center, which has an area of 30 m2, provides one-stop service for most needs. If you encounter difficulties or need help, please remember that we are there to serve you. We are firmly committed to customer satisfaction, and the Center will do its best to honor this commitment faithfully.

Our services

1、We answer questions and deal with complaints.

2、Come to us for free loan of a wheelchair, child’s pushchair, or walking stick, or to have a clothing tear stitched.

3、We can broadcast missing person announcements, handle lost property, or rescue and help in other ways.

4、We issue free Museum maps and other information sheets.

5、We provide a free left luggage facility, and you can recharge your mobile here.

6、We have a drinking water fountain for free use.

Exploration Labs

Prior booking is required for all our Education activities on various topics and for Fossil Excavation in the Exploration Labs. To take part in these varied activities you can make a booking on our web site, with a mobile phone app, using Wechat or in person at the Museum.

Bookings for Topic Education Activities

Group bookings and individual bookings are dealt with separately, and booking methods and times are different, as follows:

Group Bookings:

For school groups bookings can be made Tuesday to Friday. Teachers are asked to telephone with the age group and the lesson content so that a booking can be made and lesson materials can be issued.
Exploration Labs group booking tel.: 021-62620261, 021-68622000ext.5038

Individual Bookings:

Members of the general public can make bookings for Saturday and Sunday. Select an activity to match the age group. 15 people are needed to make up a class, and whether a class is being run will be confirmed at the venue. When you have made your booking keep your booking number for checking when you arrive. Please do your best to be there 15 minutes before the start time.

Booking Methods:

Method 1: Up to one day before the activity you can book on the web site, through Wechat or with the mobile app. If your booking is successful you need to check in at the venue 15 minutes before the start, otherwise youwill be recorded as an absentee.

Method 2: If there are still vacancies after online booking ends you can get a booking form on the day itself at the venue. Forms will be issued at the Exploration Labs booking desk, starting at 9:00 a.m. and continuing until classes are full.

Please Note:

If you are unable to come to an activity for which you have booked, do your best to cancel 1 hour in advance. You can do this through the web site, by Wechat or by telephone (021-62620261, 021-68622000ext.5038). If you fail to cancel you will be recorded as an absentee, and after two absences you will be disqualified from booking for 6 months.

Changes to the arrangements may be announced on the day at the venue. If this is necessary, we ask for your understanding.

Education activities are free, but you will have to buy an entrance ticket to get into the Museum.

Fossil Excavation Booking

There are 3 Fossil Excavation sessions per day, each one lasting 30 minutes. All bookings are made with application forms issued at the venue. Forms are issued from 9:00 a.m. until groups are full. You are requested to check in 15 minutes before your session. After that it will be assumed that you have given up your place.

Contact Telephone Numbers

Contact no.: +86-21-68622000 (switchboard)

Tickets hotline: +86-21—62620280 (ticket information, group bookings)

Complaints: +86-21-62620116

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