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This app will be a good helper as you are visiting the natural history museum. It provides gallery routines, reservation inquiry systems, treasure hunting games, just-in-time learning opportunities and online communications… supports smart phones, pads and other client getaways. Please download it according to your equipment conditions.

Standard Version

  • Shanghai Natural History Museum

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  • Shanghai Natural History Museum

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There are another six Augmented Reality presentations of on-site exhibits that are not included in the standard version. Please down them separately if needed. With the advanced presentation, you will see the 'resurgence' of Smilodon and Quetzalcoatlus, and can also follow the Mamenchisaurus to return to the old natural history museum, where you traverse its habitat 100 million years ago.

Augmented Reality

  • Shanghai Natural History Museum AR

    IOS Download

Due to the large capacity of the App, it is recommended to be downloaded and installed before being used in the museum.

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